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Opportunity is knocking. Be ready to submit Your Abstract for 2023.

About Submitting Your Abstract for 2023

Papers concerning processing, properties, design, application and obsolescence sustainment of advanced materials are being solicited for presentation at the 46th Annual Conference on Composites, Materials, and Structures organized in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Missile Defense Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The conference is sponsored by the United States Advanced Ceramics Association (USACA). The conference provides a forum for export-controlled information relating to advanced materials including ceramic, metal and carbon matrix composites and their constituents. Presentations relating to on-going technology and future solutions for advanced materials utilization in the aerospace, transportation, chemical process, power, medical and industrial sectors are encouraged. Authors are requested to limit their presentations to the most recent technical data and results. Sales presentations will not be accepted; a space will be provided upon request for limited display (table or poster) of new products and/or information.

PLEASE NOTE: All Accepted Authors/Abstracts for CMS 2023 will be expected to give their presentation in-person at the CMS 2023 Conference.

This abstract submittal process should only be used for abstracts with a Distribution A or Distribution C classification. If you would like to submit an abstract with any other classification, or if a DOD SAFE document drop-off is required, please contact Elise Rountree to coordinate. Please submit an abstract so that we have all your information; in the Abstract box, please submit a generic phrase, such as, “Abstract coming soon” or “Abstract being submitted via DOD SAFE”. Abstracts received after this date are not guaranteed to be included in the conference program.

Speaker presentations are to be marked with the appropriate distribution statement, and controlled unclassified information (CUI) markings. Please make sure you read and understand the rules before submission.

There has been a significant decline in the number of presentations approved for publication in the Proceedings. The primary purpose for presenting at the CMS conference is to share information with your colleagues, but also to archive it in the Proceedings. By submitting an abstract for consideration, we request you obtain the necessary approvals in advance of the January 2023 conference to give your talk/presentation and to include it in the Proceedings.

The conference proceedings will be published as Distribution C, marked ITAR Restricted. (more information on this to follow).


Submitted Abstracts Should Focus on One of the Subject Areas Below

The CMS 2023 Topics
Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • C/SiC Composites
  • SiC/SiC Composites
  • Oxide Matrix Composites
Hypersonic Vehicle Materials/Structural Evaluations
  • Reusable Thermal Protection Systems and Materials
  • Hot Structures and Control Surfaces
  • Component Demos and Ground Testing
  • Vehicle Components
Extreme Environment Materials
  • Missile Propulsion
  • EM Railgun
  • Hypersonic Vehicle Nosetips and Leading Edges
Structural Ceramics
  • Monolithic Ceramics (SiC, Si3N4, etc.)
  • Nuclear Ceramics
  • Missile Radomes
Ablator Materials
Manufacturing of Advanced Materials
  • Fabrication of CMCs, Ceramics, and Additive Manufacturing of High Temperature Materials
  • Computational Process Modeling for Prediction of In-Process Behavior and/or Material Performance
Carbon-Carbon Composites
  • Hypersonic and Ballistic Reentry Vehicle/Body Components
  • Propulsion System Components
  • Ultra-High Performance Ablators
Behavior and Life of Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • CMC Life Prediction
  • Experimental Methods
  • Nondestructive Evaluation
Ballistic Protection Technologies
  • Armor Materials and Hypervelocity Impact Effects
  • Manufacturing of C/C Composites for Hypersonic Applications (MOC3HA)

What Happens if My Abstract is Accepted?

PLEASE NOTE: All Accepted Authors/Abstracts for CMS 2023 will be expected to give their presentation in-person at the CMS 2023 Conference.

Each primary submitter for abstracts will be notified by email of the decision of the CMS 2023 Review Committee. Abstract submitters who receive an acceptance letter email will also be provided with speaker log-in information/instructions. This speaker log-in information will guide each presenter through all phases of the presentation requirements for CMS 2023. All presenters will be required to upload their presentation prior to the Conference using this speaker log-in page. An exact date for presentation submission will be contained in the speaker log-in information. Presentations with substantial speaker notes or a technical paper (author’s choice), will be required of each presenter for inclusion in the Proceedings, to be posted on the Conference website after the Conference.

Presentation Guidelines

  • PowerPoint presentations are preferred, but PDF can be used as well, if needed.
  • It is recommended that Presentations use a 16:9 ratio.
  • Fonts should be size 16 or higher (unless the text is a footnote or disclaimer). One tip to test if the font of your presentation is big enough is to print a random page of your presentation, place it on the floor, and see if you can read it when you stand up.
  • Send your presentation ahead of time so it can be previewed for any technical issues. Also take advantage of speaker review times to review your presentation on the equipment you will be using for presentation and in the room where you will present. This should ensure that no problems will occur on the day of your presentation.
  • Always bring a backup copy of your presentation with you just in case your main copy is lost or damaged.

  • 1: Authors should submit abstracts for consideration by completing the Online Abstract Submittal Form, accessible by clicking on the button at the top of this page. The abstract text should be within 200-500 words.

  • 2: All submitted abstracts should include a description of content, conclusions and significance of the proposed presentation.

  • 3: Abstract Titles must be UNCLASSIFIED, PUBLIC RELEASABLE and Non-Proprietary. Abstract Content will NOT be released to the public.

  • 4: CMS 2023 is an ITAR Restricted Meeting. Authors presenting papers will be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals and releases prior to the Conference.

  • 5: Abstracts must be received no later than Monday, October 31, 2022. Abstract reviewers request that, in order to facilitate technical review, abstracts be submitted as soon as possible. A late submission will not allow time for proper review by the conference planning/review committee and may result in the rejection of the abstract.

  • 6: All submitted abstracts will receive an email, notifying them of the acceptance/non-acceptance of the abstract. Only the primary submitting author will be sent this acceptance/non-acceptance email and it will be the author’s responsibility to notify any co-authors.

  • 7: Authors presenting papers at CMS 2023 are REQUIRED to register for the conference and pay the associated conference registration fee. No Exceptions.

  • 8: All Accepted Authors/Abstracts for CMS 2023 will be expected to give their presentation in-person at the CMS 2023 Conference.

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